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James Scrimshaw, Marketing & PR Manager, Australia

I would confidently recommend Kate as a coach if you are looking to improve yourself professionally and personally.  Kate has a warm and likable nature and is easy to engage with, as she makes you feel really comfortable to talk about professional and personal issues. There were no limitations as to what we could cover. During our coaching sessions we progressed through various barriers that I had created for myself and also Kate provided me a book that she thought would help break down some of those barriers. It did.

Reflecting now, since the coaching started I have improved my profile within the organisation and stopped some of the negative behaviours that were holding me back from personal growth and improved happiness. 
Thank you, Kate, I really enjoyed our coaching sessions.

Ozden Aydin, Network and Performance Manager, United Arab Emirates

If you get lost, let Kate help you to find your way!

Mahmoud Abdalla, Australia

Kate was effective at allowing me to open up and allow myself to develop further while reflecting on my past, and present, and what I would like to change in future. It has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally in the few sessions we had together. 5 star!

Divanildo Albuquerque, Managing Director, Brazil

Kate is a very calm and interactive person, good listener and gives you good and clear advises to improve yourself  in a very good manner.

Matthew Norrie, Technical Training Manager, Australia

Kate quickly builds rapport with her clients, but providing an open, candid and honest environment for discussion. that promotes introspection and really pushes you to dive deep to understand your motivations and the possibilities available. Kate's coaching focuses on what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve those things, and how to achieve them. The discussions robust and productive, providing tangible outcomes and assist to give the client better perspective of the steps forwards.

Damian Rea, Customer Service Director, Australia

Kate brings a very practical approach to her coaching. She relates well to people which initiates trust and fosters an open dialogue. She is not judgmental but positively challenges people's perceptions of themselves or where they sit in the organisation. Kate offers encouragement and provides practical advice of how to approach given situations. She does set an expectation that you will only get out what you put into the coaching, so there are requirements for reflection or demonstration of a changed approach in thinking in between sessions. I would endorse Kate as a coach for anyone wanting honest feedback on their leadership/management style who is then also prepared to make practical changes to better themselves.

John Newton, Retail Sales Manager, Australia

Kate prepared, introduced and delivered a fantastic and never seen before coaching program into the local workplace with little knowledge or experience with those to be coached. This endeavour was carried out in a completely honest and thoughtful manner, with complete anonymity assured and believed. Kate's delivery of the coaching was pleasant yet assertive, attentive and measured, with successful results. Thank you Kate.

Nadine Abu Ghali, Finance Director, United Arab Emirates

Kate's maturity & experience enables her to either have a relatively acceptable knowledge of almost all subjects raised, or enables her to ask the right questions that can trigger a smooth development throughout the coaching sessions. Kate strikes a good balance between her objectivity & the emotional support she provides. She refrains from drawing judgements or conclusions, instead leads the person to his own conclusions through asking the right questions, while showing the right compassion & understanding that enables a trusted safe & constructively productive environment.  The way Kate summarizes the responses through out the session demonstrates the balanced approach & tone that enables a smoother management of the process.

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